(since 2/1/2011).


Cindy K Chung
vehicular homicide
attempt of Pgh medical
(per the FED).


Enough with the vaccines.

If you took the jab,
then you are depopulation
waiting to happen or not.

You don't know this, but in
1962, the world population
was literally going through
the roof (exponentially).
In VERY short order, human
life on this planet would
have been unsustainable.

which has kept the population
in check for 60 years now
(including per Covid-19)

On 01/20/2020, the USA's
first case of Covid-19
was confirmed, just a few
miles north of Bill Gates'

23 days later,
the following video
was published,
nine years after
I broke the story
of how mechanical
ventilators kill.

About a year before
the video above,
Mutahar gaslights

Our hero (Mutahar)
hasn't made a
vaccine video

(nothing to see here)!

Evil in medicine
will get uglier still,

and as you will see,
it began in 1963.

Like I said...

Uglier every day...

Now you know why
Mengele "escaped".

So if one day,
you end up on a
mechanical ventilator,
then this may be
your situation
(per which you can do
nothing to intervene)...

First THIS ^,
then THIS...

"Irreversible coma" is
coma (induced or not),
which doctors then
refuse to reverse.

Coma can be real (as per
a lack of bodily oxygen)
or fake (as per forcing
too much oxygen into a
healthy body, to which
a healthy brain responds
by shutting down your

The 1978 movie "Coma"
gaslighted America, in
that the organ$ harvesting
process was/is much more
hideous than is portrayed
in this movie.

So wait till Doctor Kory
realizes that he has
unknowingly witnessed
countless medical
during his entire career!

Good news, from the
UK's NHS (yeah, right).

As of 1/6/2023...

And now, get ready
for cancer-causing
mRNA "vaccines",
to cure cancer???

University of Pittsburgh
Medical Center researchers
are advised to
keep their mouths SHUT...

Geert Vanden Bossche
is referring to
mRNA "vaccine".

Biden appointee
Cindy K Chung
prosecute ANY

Now you know why.


About 12:30pm, on 1/2/23,
I was broadsided by an
accelerating speeding car.

I was stopped, so I lived
(my legs were banged up,
but no big deal)...The car
was totalled...The actor
hit my right front fender,
so my car spun around,
rather than taking the full
hit...Below is the damage,
proving I had to be stopped
(to have lived).

As a result, you will no
longer see me driving
(with messages of daily
medical fraud, per the
medical industrial complex).

Y'all are on your own.

Well over $10,000 in damage
(actually car was totalled),

and my very elderly passenger
got out ot the car
(was sitting behind me),
and walked to her
appointment, like nothing
even happened.

Despite the car being
totalled, the police
(who saw the accident,
right in front of them)
didn't report the accident,
because it was a coordinated
attempted vehicular homicide.

I forgot to end the trip
(after the accident),
until after I road with
the tow truck driver
to 1369 Island Avenue
(in Mckees Rocks, Pa).

The perpetrating vehicle
was towed to the same

Above is accident investigation,
which you'll notice wasn't

Also not reported was that
my passenger was given a
copy of the above, at which
time she got out of the
totalled car, and went to
her appointment at
3 Robinson Plaza.

I had picked her up at
751 Semple Ave 15202
(at 12:07pm 01/02/2023).

the legal altitude limit
(500 feet)
using any thread or
dental floss!

Below is a larger
version taking off.

Speaking of flight...

Speaking of fraud...

Allegheny County's first
commercial airport was
dedicated 911, 1931.

PIT's 911 Airlift Wing
was established 1/17/1963.

First public murder via
"brain death" was 6/3/63.

JFK E.O. 11110 signed on 6/4/63,
allowing the USA to print money
(which would END THE FED).

The FED ended JFK on 11/22/63.

First 911 call was made 2/16/68.

PBS' first broadcast of
"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood"
(Of Make-Believe)
was 2/19/68 (Pittsburgh Pa).

MLK and RFK eliminated
on 4/4/68 and 6/6/68.

Harvard endorsed "brain death"
fraud on 8/5/1968, which
continues through today.

Last PBS broadcast of
"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood"
(Of Make-Believe)
aired on 8/31/2001
(one day before 9/01/01),
exactly 911 episodes after
the first one (31 seasons).
The first official football
game at Heinz Field happened
on 9/01/01, for which there
is no footage on YouTube.

PITT beat E Tennessee State 31-0.

211, 2001...Three Rivers Stadium
was blown up.

911, 2001 happened, 10 days
after shadowbanned PITT game.

7/20/2012..."Dark Knight Rises"
was released, exactly 12 years
after the 211 emergency
information number established.

Bane was fashion setter
at Heinz Field.

Welcome to Highmark
(in Gotham City)...

Nickname's Ed Jitney,
and I've been a Pittsburgh
cab driver, jitney, rideshare
driver since 11/09/1981.

And this is my story...

I'll try to keep it brief,
cause you got your own
life to live.

America was sold out to
the world bankers, 12/23/1913.

Our owners' first radio
broadcast was November 2,
1920 (election day).

I was born on KDKA's
33rd anniversary.

In my early years, I was
a member of every
boy-scout-type group
known to humanity.

Was the ideal Governmental
stooge, a potential perfect fit
for maybe the FBI or CIA.

Long story short, studied 3
years at PITT as a pre-med
biochemistry major, ready to
save the world and
cure all diseases.

Then along came a
speeding car,
hit my motorcycle head on,
and changed my direction
a bit.

"Brain death" had just been
endorsed by Harvard in 1968,
so the hospital gave it a go.

My mother wasn't going for it,
and slept under my
hospital bed.

She saved my life.

The crash was 7/6/74, and I
turned 21 in a body cast.

Came home on crutches
Christmas Day,
and it was a thrill
of my life.

Mom died of a very long
bout with lung/brain cancer
and I've been driving for
a living ever since.

The point is that EMTs and
doctors saved my life, and
prolonged my mother's life,
so I appreciate what
medicine can do.

That view of medicine
came to a screeching
halt on 2/1/11, when ER docs
told me my wife was
brain dead.

I asked them if they had
given her lasix to clear her
lungs (brimming with fluid).
No one would answer me, so I
knew something was up,
from day one.

They never gave her Lasix,
until they had to (for her
fraudulent tracheostomy),
two weeks later.

Longer story shorter,
if you pay attention to the
two videos on this page
(where I am featured),
you will eventually save a
loved one's life.

Neither one of these videos
was initiated by myself,
so understand the intense
gaslighting (to protect
medical criminality, which
you should now be familiar
with, since Covid-19).

The video below was initiated
by Dick Scaife, and the
Mutahar video was contracted
out to Canada by the USIC
(the same Intelligence
Community that contracted
out Covid-19 to China).


The second you see your
loved one on a mechanical
ventilator, you need to get
COMPLETE medical records
(not what they want to give)
until they are safe
(out of the hospital).

Thanks to HIPAA, you will
NEVER get the records
(after the deed is done)...

But don't y'all worry none,
because you'll be totally
distracted by the coming
economic COLLAPSE.


Dr John Campbell was
a Covid-19 vaccine

Now, Dr John Campbell
is anything but.

The next time that
you sing the Anthem,
remember this girl...