On November 5th, 2024,
vote for the only
candidate who has
not sold US out
to the deep state
(WHO owns US).

You may remember that
February, 2020 was when
Covid-19 was introduced
to the United States.

Intelligence Community
gaslights the video below,
to quell future concerns
about most people dying on
mechanical ventilators.

4/2/2020...Trump invoked
the Defense Production Act,
to mass-produce
mechanical ventilators.

Covid-19 researcher
Dr Bing Liu
was murder/suicided
(by the feds).

5/15/2020...Trump initiated
"Operation Warp Speed".

As a Lyft driver, I drove
Dr Bing Liu to PITT,
6 days before the following
video was published
on YouTube.

Guess what Dr Bing Liu
and I talked about?

On the 4th anniversary
of Operation Warp Speed,
murderers Trump and Biden
announced they will debate
(without a pesky RFK Jr
exposing the two
deep state stooges).

mRNA "vaccines" will be
taken off the market.

This is when Americans
will get very angry
(per having been
guinea pigs).

Kennedy will win
in a landslide.

There's an evil in medicine
exceeded in magnitude
only by human stupidity

Dr Bing Liu's "breakthrough"
will never be divulged,
because the "breakthrough"
involved the forced
mechanical hyperventilation
(kidnap via "brain death")
of people with breathing
difficulties (since 1963).

"We'll know our
disinformation program
is complete when everything
the American public
believes is false."
- William J. Casey,
CIA Director

So here is another viral
video, which was shut down
by our 93 unelected
US Attorneys (to protect
the US Government).

Don't be concerned about
the wave of death predicted
per the end of June 2024...

The W.H.O. will have
complete control of you
and the situation

If Geert is correct, then
families must obtain the
complete medical records
(to save the kidnapped).

In Pittsburgh, Pa.,
this is the guy
who seals/destroys
your medical records
(when you are
medically murdered).

"You are free
to do as we tell you".

Elect RFK Jr
and learn 60 years
of hidden truth

Among that truth
will be the
weaponization of
forced mechanical

When you faint,
you stop breathing
(to allow your body
to recover from
too much oxygen).

On a mechanical
you are not allowed
to recover.