Establish that it is illegal to destroy any medical records

of any American, at any time, for any reason, without any exception.


Nationwide (since 1996), records are destroyed within 3-7 years after your "last discharge"!

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Transplanted organs have never been cut from dead people...Dead people have dead organs.

Healthy organs for transplant have always been cut from healthy living people with

FABRICATED DIAGNOSES OF BRAIN DEATH, and without using anesthetics, because

anesthetics destroy organs upon their removal...That's why your records are destroyed!

Most of US reading this have been duped by this 52-year "donation" scam of our family.

1954 brought the first successful organ transplant from a living donor (one kidney)...

1954 saw the first annual meeting of the BILDERBERG CLUB, a meeting of World Leaders.

1963 brought the first organ recovery from a "brain-dead" donor...

1963 saw President Kennedy being shot in the head, after his warning per "increased security".

All of this came after President Wilson's warnings, per the ultimate sole power of the FED!

And thanks to the FED-owned Major Media, most of you still don't know WHO THE FED IS!

Butt you know how to take their security wands up your ass, don't Yinz?